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Mitigating Risk in Design with Compressed Times to Market

Stuart Bearcroft, Project Manager with the Goodflex Project Team.

"As a Project Team Manager at Goodflex Rubber Co, a global supplier of rubber hoses, mouldings and assemblies, I'm now finding I spend a lot of my time working on risk mitigation in design with some of the leaders in high performing engineering teams."

"Multidiscipline design teams want to immediately understand the design limitations and challenges they are facing, whilst being advised whether timeline targets and innovation objectives can be met"

"And when faced with compressed development times and reducing time to market, leading businesses don't want to hear about Goodflex. They just want you to sit down, strap in, and drive that part of the project. That's why we introduced Goodflex Rapid.”

"Working in a multi discipline design environment we focus on rapid response and will have members of the project team on site providing design support whilst setting up priority production, despatch and testing in the background."

"And we understand that it may not be possible to immediately freeze the designs but we work very closely with the teams to solve these challenges."

"Unfortunately we find many companies are still trying to address these issues with suppliers using outdated methods but at Goodflex Rubber Co we understand that the only way to achieve engineering teams' objectives is using Goodflex Rapid."

If you are part of one of the few business looking to solve these challenges and are part of a high performing engineering team please contact Stuart Bearcroft now on 01386841480 or email stuart.bearcroft@goodflexrubber.com to talk about Goodflex Rapid.

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