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Worm Drive Clips

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Steel Worm Drive Clips in Grade Stainless Steel designed and manufactured to DIN 3017 available with a 9 mm band width or a 12 mm band width for excellent clamping force.

Worm drive hose clips
• These multi-range Torro (SGT) hose clips provide excellent clamping force.
• Designed so that the housing does not tilt when clip is tightened - eliminates any damage to the hose.
• High band tensile force & high fracture torque.
• Technically designed to offer an even distribution of clamping force - provides maximum sealing efficiency.
• Short housing saddle - for improved efficiency & even contact pressure.
• These industrial clips are setting standards for modern hose clip design.
• Accepted by all of the leading car manufacturers.
• The features of these clips are continuously being improved.
• Available in various clamping ranges.
• Available with a 9 mm band width or a 12 mm band width.
• Screw head size is 7mm a/f.
• Designed & manufactured to DIN 3017.
• Asymmetrical construction.

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